Food photography is slowly gaining popularity as restaurants want to advertise their food and it is certainly one of the most challenging photography out there. Every food photographs you see in magazines is neatly arranged and kept in a creative manner so that it looks presentable. Food photography might sound very complicated, but you can master it once you get the hang of it. The following are some of the tips you can use to make the food tell a better story through your photo:

Choose the angle:

There are not many angles when it comes to food photography. You will have to use the same angle again and again. Once you decide which angle you want to shoot the picture, you place your camera in that position and click the photo. Before taking the photo take a look at the food that is kept in front of you and figure out which angle will be the best. Some shots are best when you take them from the top and some of better when they are shot at a side angle.

Have a good background or foreground:

When you are taking a photo from the side, you need to make sure that your photo has a good background which would enhance the quality of the picture. Try to place small nuts of flowers or whichever you think might enhance the beauty and the presentation. Setting things in the background and foreground will provide depth to the picture.

Use of light:

The use of light is significant in any photography, and you need to know how to alter the light in order to make the picture look good. Sometimes poor lighting can ruin the picture and present a bad image to the viewers. So make sure that the room has good lightings if not then you need to make sure that you create artificial lights to enhance the quality of the picture.


Use a tripod:

Sometimes you need to keep holding the camera in your hand, and there are chances that you might shake it. When you shake the camera, you will end up blurring the photo. To avoid the blur you can use a tripod or hold your camera tightly. You can also use faster shutter speed to capture the picture without much blur.

Match the colours:

Food is made up of a variety of colours, and some colours can truly lighten up the presence of your photo. Try to match the colours of the food in the plate and make them come alive in your pictures.

Watch out for the shadows:

When you try to take the photo from a top angle, there are chances that the shadows might ruin the picture. Sometimes, these shadows enhance the picture so watch out for such shadows and position the light accordingly.