If you happen to be just starting out in photography and if you are not quite sure on where to begin you have come to the right place. The below write up will make you understand and gain more knowledge about photography.

Many people think that photography is as easy as picking up a camera and shooting a random picture. But photography has more to it than just that; there are so many techniques and procedures which you need to learn to get the perfect picture. But if you happen to be a person who loves learning such techniques you will certainly find a way to appreciate the little things in life.

To start with do not buy the most expensive camera right away:

You are just beginning to take photos, and thus you do not need a very expensive camera to take a picture. There are inexpensive cameras which take very good pictures. You need first to learn how to use a simple camera then go for an expansive camera.

Learn how the exposure triangle works:

Photography is all about capturing light in such a way that your photo will be able to tell a story. As a beginner, you need to understand three factors which affect the photo you take.

Learn about the Aperture of the lens:

Aperture is the size of the lens it is written as f/2, f/5, f/11 etc. To get a wide aperture opening, you need to make the number as small as possible. When you have a wide aperture you will be allowing more light to enter the camera and this plays a great role in the depth of field; this decides if the image will be clear or blurred.

Shutter Speed:

Shutter speed is the amount of time you lever your shutter open. Shutter speed is stated as 5sec, 1/60 sec etc. When you have a slower shutter speed, you are allowing more light to enter the camera and it is also responsible for controlling the sensitivity of motion. To capture something which is moving fast you need to have a camera which has high shutter speed.


ISO is the sensitivity of light, and they are stated in 100 ISO, 400 ISO etc. The higher the ISO, the better photos you will be able to take in a darker environment.

Get a tripod:

Sometimes your photos can get shaken if you do not hold the camera in a fixed position. To avoid such pictures, you can consider buying a tripod so that you can keep your camera at a fixed position and take good photographs.

Experiment with the settings in your camera:

There are various settings in a camera, and you need to try them out. Try to change the settings and see how pictures come out. As you experiment with the settings, you will learn about various effects.